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21 July 2009 @ 06:26 pm
computer dilemma part 2  
I have been using a Macbook Pro on loan from my job for the past two years. I like it a lot, but there are certain things I still use a PC for...still, if I had to buy one, I'd pick a Mac. So as I see it, I have two main options:

Option #1: Macbook

If I buy a laptop, I will definitely buy from Princeton's computer initiative (SCI) - there's a good reason most Princeton students do. the pros and cons of this
**(huge) pros: convenient (everything you need for Princeton pre-installed, configured), good deal (has Microsoft Office, Endnote, etc. $$$ software), and on-site support
**cons: SCI has only 4 models to choose from, and you can only buy those exact models (can't customize memory, hard drive size, etc.)

So yeah. My initial instinct was that I'd definitely buy from SCI, b/c of the huge benefits. SCI offers 2 Macbooks, a white 13" regular Macbook and a 15" aluminum Pro. Due to the huge price difference ($1100 for regular, $2000 for Pro), I'm not sure if the Pro's bigger hard drive, better memory, faster processor, etc., bigger screen will be worth it. I like doing video editing and have a massive iTunes library, so those would probably be quite desirable, but idk...

Option #2: iMac + netbook

**pros: for the same price, a desktop >>>> laptop (bigger monitor, full size keyboard, better specs); for something portable, Asus netbook >> Macbook (much lighter + better battery life, yet can handle most tasks); buying a Mac from Apple rather than SCI = free iPod touch; a desktop is considerably harder to get stolen or knocked around, so having an expensive desktop + (relatively) cheap netbook to carry around is safer; for some things that don't work so hot on a Mac, I'd have a PC backup
**cons: not from SCI (harder to get support, I have to get both computers configured for Princeton, I won't have programs like Endnote, etc.); transferring things between the two would be a hassle....can anyone think of other cons? I am sure there are ones that I am overlooking

With the two models I am currently considering, the total should come out to about $1600 (with MS office), still cheaper than the Pro (if you don't count that the Pro has more programs).

Option 2 is sounding way better to me at the moment...thoughts? I think I'm missing cons here. But yeah, I'm a bit of an obsesser who has lots of trouble making decisions lol counter customizable
Miss A. Married Cowpaperteuk on July 21st, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
#2 really is a hassle but based on experience, a netbook is much easier to bring around, especially if you walk around a lot (like we do 'cause when we don't have classes, we don't really have a definite room we could stay in ^^;;). Also, having two machines can let you have backup.

I'm not really an Apple fan but we do need Macs for a lot of stuff so I still recommend #2. ^^;
Elizabethjaesu17 on July 21st, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
thank you! :)